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Luxury home in the heart of Eger

Enjoy the elegance of a bygone era in our newly renovated home. The spacious Kastély Apartment combines unique elements of contemporary interior design with contemporary details. Located in the heart of the historic city, a stone's throw from the market hall and Dobó Square, the apartment is fully equipped to make it your home. The bedrooms include a master bedroom with a king-size bed and a guest bedroom with two single beds. The sofa in the living room can be converted into a double bed, so a total of 6 guests can sleep in the apartment.


What we provide

We offer a full range of services in our family-friendly apartment. If you still can't find something, just ask!


"It was a beautiful apartment, just like a five-star hotel apartment. Everything is exactly as in the pictures. Spacious, homely, beautiful, tasteful. We had a great time, I would definitely recommend it to everyone!"

Junjin, South Korea

"I've been to a lot of Airbnbs in my life, but oh my...this is the first time I've been to a place like this. Fantastic quality and affordable price...I planned to do something outside in the evening, but the room was so good that I wanted to enjoy it more, so I canceled the dinner plan and enjoyed it while eating at home. The best!"


Everything was fantastic, the apartment is beautiful, high quality in every way. Equipped with everything, perfect for 6 people. The city center of Eger is located 5 minutes away, which can be reached by walking along a small stream

Kristina, Netherlands

One of the most beautiful apartments we have ever been to! It feels like living in a castle. They have an eye for detail and beautiful furniture. The kitchen was very well equipped. It is located in a quiet little square, close to the city center. The contact person was also very friendly and helpful.

Sights in and around Eger

A történetünk

A lakás 2021-ben került a birtokunkba, hogy legyen egy egri bázisunk, ahová hazalátogathatunk. Építészként azonnal láttuk a lakás remek adottságait, de a felújításra szoruló állapot nem volt ideális.  Családi összefogással korszerűsítettük, hogy olyan helyet teremtsünk, amilyet mindig is kerestünk nyaraláshoz, de soha nem leltünk rá. Nagy örömünkre szolgál, hogy másokkal is meg tudjuk osztani a lakást, és a belefektetett munkánk eredményét mások is értékelik.


Belső szoba előtte


A nagyobb ajtó segít a természetes világításban


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Felújítás alatt

Kézzel készített gipsz díszek tagolják a falakat


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If you want to make a reservation or have any questions, we are waiting for your email or feel free to call us!

Tuzoltó square, Eger, Hungary

+36 30 638 7740 - Jolán Vincze
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